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14.11.2024 / 09:58 Uhr

14.11.2024 Getting it done – Methodisch und motiviert die Dissertation beenden

The course introduces tools that effectively and efficiently support participants in managing their own time and pushing forward with their dissertation.
In addition to time management, the topic of self-management, understanding one's own motivation and ways to increase one's own self-discipline will also be covered.

The workshop will take place online on November 14, 2024.

Speaker: Sashima Läbe, TwentyOne Skills

The course can be held in German or English as required.




  • To gain an overview of the final and critical phase of the project/doctorate
  • Getting to know and applying time management principles
  • Define goals and align your own projects accordingly
  • Understanding the psychological barriers that prevent us from using our time efficiently
  • Creating your own schedule
  • Dealing with procrastination and motivation



  • (Short) inputs from the speaker
  • Space for personal exchange on the topic and opportunity for networking among participants
  • Discussions on existing ways of dealing with the final phase of the dissertation
  • Individual exercises for self-reflection and many time and self-management exercises
  • Group exercise (breakout sessions)
  • Q&A


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