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An assessment of the adaption of wheat, barley and maize cultivation under dry conditions in Franconia, bavaria

In line with the rising temperatures and the pattern of increasing heat affecting vast areas in Europe over the past few decades, Germany experienced a significant drought period from 2018 to 2020 and again in 2022. The research aims to investigate the limiting factors of wheat, barley, sugarbeet and maize cultivation under dry conditions and to detect successful agricultural practices efficient in maintaining or increasing local productivity. To answer the research questions, Various data types will be collected from climate institutions (DWD, C3S), satellites (Sentinel, Landsat) and interviews with 50-100 farmers (Collection of data regarding yields, practices and socio-economic factors).



Betreuer Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München:

Prof. Dr. Ralf Ludwig

Prof. Dr. Ralf Ludwig is Professor in Applied Physical Geography and Environmental Modeling at LMU’s Department of Geography. His research is focused on process-based and spatially distributed hydrological modeling at the catchment scale, data assimilation and model integration for water resources, land use and climate change impact assessment, including extreme events, from Mediterranean to subarctic environments.

Betreute Projekte:

Betreuer Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Weihenstephan-Triesdorf:
Omer Shlomi

Omer Shlomi

Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems



Bachelor: Plant Science

Master: Climate Change Management


From a career point of view, I'm interested and dedicated to bridge a certain gap that exists between agricultural research and farmer's perspectives. I hope I have a talent to understand and reflect on both sides, as I gained some understanding on how to incorporate mutual interests. My personal wish is to live and work in a remote and neglected place, to feel at home there, to stay there and make impact where it's most urgent. And to have a big family.


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Dr. Ute Nazet

Dr. Ute Nazet

Koordinatorin BayWISS - Verbundkolleg Life Sciences und Grüne Technologien

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