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BayWISS-Kolleg Life Sciences and Green Technologies www.baywiss.de

For Researchers from all over Bavaria Platform and Network

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Our BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership is a platform and network for both young and experienced researchers alike, and strengthens the culture of academic exchange between universities of applied sciences and universities – throughout Bavaria.

We promote doctoral candidates' personal development, provide a structured path towards gaining their doctorate and ensure academic quality

  • clear supervision function, transparent expectations and structured milestones during the doctoral process via the BayWISS supervision agreement
  • systematic introduction to the Scientific Community through external and internal network events and access to the Joint Academic Partnership universities´ graduate programmes (more on our events)
  • exclusive platform for doctoral candidates, e.g. seminars, collegial advice, coaching, lecture series, symposia, training courses (can be jointly developed in a proactive and needs-oriented way)
  • specific module offer “Introduction into Philosophy and Ethics for Natural and Technical Scientists” in cooperation with the Munich School of Philosophy (from autumn 2020).
  • financial support for project-specific equipment, publications, conference trips, participation in workshops and training courses (including the cost of travel), as well as stays abroad for research purposes
  • individual advice and organisational support by our coordinator.

We look forward to new members! Find out more here

Core elements of the BayWISS "Verbundpromotion":

  • university and university of applied sciences professors jointly and equally provide supervision and expert opinions on the doctorate
  • keine zusätzlichen Aufnahmehürden nach Hochschulart
  • keine Differenzierung im Doktorgrad nach akademischer Herkunft
  • Nennung der betreuenden HAW auf der universitären Promotionsurkunde
  • Konsequente Zusammenführung standort- und hochschultypspezifischer Stärken.

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

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2. Beiratssitzung des BayWISS-Verbundkollegs "Life Sciences und Grüne Technologien"

3. Leitungsgremiumsitzung des BayWISS-Verbundkollegs "Life Sciences und Grüne Technologien"

All News of our Joint Academic Partnership Life Science and Green Technologies

BayWISS JAP Life Sciences and Green Technologies

!Verschoben auf 2021! Workshop: Erfolgreich zur Promotion – ein Dialog zwischen Promovierenden und wissenschaftlichen Betreuer*innen

2. Netzwerktreffen "Life Sciences und Grüne Technologien" zum Thema Digitalisierung in den Lebenswissenschaften

BayWISS-Preis 2020: Frank Weiser vom VK Life Sciences und Grüne Technologien gehört zu den Gewinnern

Workshop Verhandlungstango von und mit Claudia Kimich


Get in touch. We look forward to your questions and ideas for our Joint Academic Partnership Life Sciences and Green Technologies

Dr. Michaela Stegmann

Dr. Michaela Stegmann

Coordination BayWISS-JAP Life Sciences and Green Technologies

University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Am Staudengarten 9 | Gebäude H21
85354 Freising

Telephone: +49 8161 716358