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PhD Projects

Ecological and Economic Sustainability Assessments Using the Example of the Public Construction Sector

There are now various ways of assessing the life cycle.

A comparatively new method, which unites and aims to expand existing methods of environmental accounting and life cycle costing, is the so-called “environmental Life Cycle Costing” (eLCC).

The objective of the work consists of applying and developing the method of environmental Life Cycle Costing for new buildings in the public sector. Given that the public sector serves as an important role model for other industries, the ecological focus of new public sector buildings needs to be considered as an effective lever in promoting the sustainability of buildings.

Central questions that this doctoral degree should answer are:

What advantages does eLCC provide compared to the use of LCA and LCC on the same object? How large are the differences that can be observed?

How can the method of environmental Life Cycle Costing be optimised to facilitate the use of practitioners?

What effects do different building materials have on the results of eLCC for public, representative buildings?

If the data is available, should it also be possible to derive optimisation measures for individual building types from this so that public authorities can apply sustainability checks more easily. The doctoral thesis should be successfully completed within a period of three years.



Supervisor Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr. Hubert Röder

Research Focus:

  • Sustainability assessment
  • Forestry and forest management
  • Business models and feasibility studies


M. Sc. Felix Rheude

Felix Rheude

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor: Biological Sciences, University of Konstanz

Master: Bioeconomy, University of Hohenheim


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Dr. Ute Nazet

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