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15.05.2023 / Online / 10:00 Uhr

TwentyOne Skills Online-Workshop: Deep Work - how to establish focused and concentrated work

Deep Work – how to establish focused and concentrated work

 Learning goals:

  • Strategies for Deep Work to stay more focused and be less distracted from social media or notifications
  • One task, one focus – nothing else
  • Defining and setting time for urgent and important tasks inline with my goals and creating regular time for achieving those
  • Understanding my own motivation to work more focused
  • Dealing with challenges, procrastination, and distractions


  • How can I be more productive, especially for scientific tasks such as paper-writing or grant-applications?
  • What is flow and how can I set the right framework to achieve flow states
  • How do I avoid distractions and multi-tasking to stay in the flow
  • Different self-management tools for Deep Work
  • Why is Deep Work so important and how to differentiate it from Shallow Work?
  • Deep Work for groups and in remote settings


  • (Short) keynote speeches and inputs by the trainer
  • Room for personal exchange on the topic and opportunity to network among the participants
  • Discussion in the plenary session on how to deal with limiting beliefs and experience with the imposter syndrome
  • Individual exercises for self-reflection and mindset exercise
  • Group exercise in breakout sessions
  • Q&A    

Trainer: Dr. Dimitra Lountzi

Target audience: PhD-students and Post-Docs

Language: English

Duration: 1 day


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Dr. Ute Nazet

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